Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby Elf 2

Next part on this guy is giving him some clothes. For this part i simply took scrap paper, crumbled it and tore it in small irregular pieces. These were then smothered with white glue and arranged on the baby to look like its clothes boots and hat.

 While his shorts and boots were still moist from the white glue I placed him atop the tree stump so that once dry, he'd actually look like he is sitting directly on top....
Next on this guy is giving him some color with acrylics.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sculpture: Cobra/Dragon Hybrid 5

I did manage some time to get some scales done on this girl. This step is proving to be a little time consuming.
 The scales consist of some scrap cotton shirt, color doesn't matter since it will all be painted over. Individually cut scales of different size and shapes. Dipped them in white glue and made them fit together as best i could; kinda felt like playing tetris...Section above must have taken me roughly an hour.
And this project is temporarily on hold. It is currently sitting safely in the shed back home where she shall wait for me until my next break from university!

Sculpture: Balrog LOTR

Sometime last week while watching Lord of the Rings (yet again) i got the urge to sculpt the Balrog.
 Modeling Clay over wire armature...i believe it took me around 7 hours...pretty much from the Balrog Scenes in The Fellowship to the end of Return of the King

not bad for a first sculpted figurine, i say...