Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sculpture: Cobra/Dragon Hybrid 9

Coming up is some of the initial work for the base of my hybrid. By the time I got to this part i was actually starting to get lazy. All the time consuming tedious work of adding the spikes and scales simply drained all of my excitement and motivation. But little by little i managed to get a bit more work done before I had to leave my hometown and go back to continue learning about the amazing world of interior design!
 So, for the base i decided to make it resemble some kind of peeling bark. For this i made the pieces you can see in the image above. For those i cut some cardboard box in the jagged shapes and then using the paper clay i make (got the recipe here) I added a coat of the clay, about 1/8in to one side. Once dry they actually curved a little, but that was no problem for my design this time round.
 Out of those jagged pieces i bent them, they cracked where i bent them, but the cardboard kept it together. This i did to have the pieces wrap around the branch nicely. Hot glued these in the desired place...
 Then using the flour+water, paper mache paste I went on to add a layer of newspaper. While doing this i intentionally gave it some longitudinal fold instead of smoothing the newspaper over the surface...
 Before gluing some of the 'bark peels' (ex: top) I first applied some spray paint. Had i not done so i would have had some trouble getting to paint the crevice that was created by the 'bark peel'. After the newspaper layer i then added a layer of paper clay, making have a rough surface as i went.
 The image you see above, that's as far as my enthusiasm went. I drained my artistic patience..I finished the batch of paper clay i had made and was too lazy to make some more so i didn't get to finish adding the clay to the bottom portion of the stand...
Somehow i managed to finish adding the scales to the top portion of my hybrid! And with that, i'm a huge step closer to finishing this project!
That done, i am down to: making the eyes, some minor details, finish adding the clay to the stand, paint the stand, paint both parts of the hybrid, add the joining piece, paint the joining piece, and FINALLY add the blackwash! Yes, i've already dreamed of doing all this a couple of times...
So, with this post done, this project is officially on hold. I'm out of my hometown where this guy will stay safe and off to study again.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baby Dragon 6 Final

Finally I got around to finishing a project! That feeling I get when I do so feels so awesome! So here it is, properly staged:
I present to thee Specimen #57 (should've put in a different number or maybe given it a name...too late for that...)
How about a back story? Voila: 
 From the writings of the traveling mage Jodis Volotenko:
"...the ground quaked furiously. The terrible rumble that emerged from deep in heart of the mountain made my ears throb painfully. I clutched, clawed at the sides of my head to cover my ears in the hopes that it would thwart out the pain but to no avail. I felt blood dripping out of my ears... felt the ground shift, crack open and found myself falling into darkness of the mountain. Down, down i went. Powerless and weak from the pain I blacked out. Upon awakening I found myself in a cave...there at the end of the tunnel the source of light I had been drawn to was not what i expected. Not sunlight but crystals...and amid these crystals, right before me was what i had been seeking. One of the last born dragons. A survivor of the chaos that brought the Dragon Age to its premature end. Stone hard, petrified but alive, nonetheless..."

 Not bad i say, not bad. In the end i very much liked the final product.
 And i specially love the fact that i can open the box and hold my baby dragon!

 This guy, meanwhile, is no hanging from my wall until the awesome day comes when i get to create my mad scientist/mage lab hideout. I will wait anxiously for awesome day! In the meantime i shall keep creating! 
Well, this concludes my Baby Dragon Specimen #57 project! This post just gave me another project idea...Maybe i should start working on the journal of Jodis Volotenko! I'll sleep on that...

Project Updates: Next up more progress on my Cobra/Dragon Hybrid. I've sketched the designs of my next three tomes. I just have to get moving with the sowing, such a fun part...I'm working on a comic book character mask. It's progress I hope to post later. And I will revive a dormant project; the pumpkins i started last Halloween, but never got around to finish...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Baby Dragon 5

I'll be honest, I got a little lazy with this project. The box was simply not convincing me. It didn't feel like i would like the outcome much, so i left it alone for a couple of days until i finally got around to get some more paint on it.
 Out of some air drying clay i had laying around i made the whitish/grayish pieces you see in the images above and below. Once dry, i glued them on with some tacky glue.
 I proceeded to paint added paper towel areas and clay pieces with black acrylic. To the brown portions of the box i went on to paint with different tones of brown, black, and a mustardish tone. With these different colors i went in and painted different colored vertical streaks to resemble a wood grain. Didn't come out looking that bad...
 Afterwards i went on to put the piece of glass in place. I proceeded to glue the glass in place with some industrial strength glue.  (not sure if the glue was going to be helpful at all but i still put some in)
 I had some Gaffer Tape which is some kind of heavy duty cloth tape i had come to need for a class, so no, i did not buy it specially for this project. Most of the stuff i use i already have laying around in my room...
 I'm hoping the gaffer tape will do a good job on permanently holding the glass in place. I put two strips on ether side of the glass as you can see in the background of the above picture.
 Next, i went on to paint the clay pieces a metallic color and cleaned up any painting spots. Afterwards came the blackwashing which made my box look much better, specially the 'wood'.
 Out of cardboard i cut a rectangle slightly larger than the tag i had previously made for my baby dragon specimen. This piece i painted with a metallic tone and then blackwashed it.
 I glued the tag on to the cardboard piece and went ahead to bend the tag a little, some scratches here and there. In the end i decided to simply punch a hole thru the lid of the box, pull an aged string thru it and have the specimen tag hanging onto the side of the box.
 So, one of my rules that i try my best to stick to is not to buy anything new for my projects unless it is REALLY needed. When i decided to do a specimen box instead of a jar i though i would have to go out and buy some filling for my baby to rest on but i was wrong! Lucky me! I dug thru my closet and found some dehydrated moss!! I'm not sure if its such a good idea, but i'll use it!
And now, this concludes the process of my baby dragon! It's finally time to stage this project! Now that is something fun to do...So, up next on this guy is the final assembly and staged images of Dragon Specimen # 57.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sculpture: Cobra/Dragon Hybrid 8

A little overdue but here is the next couple of steps on this project.
 I ended, yet again, adding in another piece to extend the top portion because i ended up breaking off a good couple of inches off of the tail portion. The joining area when i contemplated it was simply not of my liking. Looked far from natural.
 here are a couple of views on how the final assembly is roughly going to end up looking.

 Already went in and added the spikes to the top portion, making sure they followed the spine.

 I still don't really like how the joining part is going to look like, but i'll definitely try and make it looks as best as i can...Don't remember if i explained how i was going to assemble but I will first have detail and paint the tripod/base. The two parts of the hybrid, i will also proceed to finish up and paint in the final colors. Once that is done i will then go in and attach the parts to its stand and proceed to finishing up the joining area. By that i mean i would have to add the spikes and scales as best as i can to have it blend in.
 Next up is painting, which i'm not really sure how i will end up doing.it.
 I went with using spray cans to add the base colors of black and white...which by the way aren't going to be the final colors.
Then came the white spray paint, left that area exposed and covered the rest using masking tape and newspaper pieces.
next up on this guy, is... i don't even remember...but i do know i'll be posting up the final steps for my baby dragon project soon.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sculpture: AVP

One not so interesting day, yesterday to be exact, i find myself bored and so start watching AVP for what seems to be the 100th time. I get to the part where the Predators are about to enter the pyramid and i find myself thinking how awesome it would be to dress as a predator. Better yet, see someone dressed perfectly as a predator. Now that would be EPIC awesomeness! Definitely will tackle that person. There's just something about them predators. I'm thinking its the hair/dreadlocks they have going on. I pause whatever it is i am doing to stare at those things move around in battle!... anyways....
I get the terrible urge to do a quick sculpture...and here it is!
 I wanted this sculpture to be a quick one, so i went with the simple mask design of the last surviving predator...that in the end gave birth to predalien and set the stage for Requiem!!!
 I realized once i was all done that i missed adding his tri-laser pointer...should've been on the left right next to the "brow"
Those dreadlocks, I believe that was my favorite part of this guy. I remember rolling 'em with a smile on my face! Not bad for a quick sculpture, I say. I just wish i had loads of free time to sculpt and get better with practice.
Random Note: I'm still waiting for a sequel to AVP: Requiem...yeah, even though it didn't get the greatest of acclamations, I am still hoping! Seriously, that ending clip haunts me every time i see anything related to either franchise. What world?? Wage war on the Predators world?? Tie-in to the sequel of the "Predators 2010"?? Or is it the Aliens world? or some other world from some other franchise? what is it? WHAT??!!

..enough rambling...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baby Dragon 4

Next step on my dragons specimen box is the addition of a couple of attributes.
 I first went in an added the base coat to the box. In this case i decided that overall the box would be made to look like a wooden box so i went with brown as a first base coat...I chose not to paint the two sides of the lid since those areas would later be covered...

 Out of some cardboard i cut out squares that were slightly bigger than 1 inch. These i scored along the diagonals and then cut along a line that went from corner to center as seen in the image above. These pieces would then be folded to for a hollow pyramid that can fit nicely into the bottom corners of the box (as seen above).
 Before attaching these to the box i cut out from a paper towel the figure you can see above. It is simply the a square of the same size as the pyramid pieces with tabs added to three of its sides...
 This paper towel piece glued and folded to fit over the pyramid piece. Hopefully you can understand the pictures.
 The image above shows two of the sides already glued to the paper towel. The two flaps that remain, i then overlapped with each other. Note: the glue, in this case i diluted with a bit of water and a few drops of black acrylic.
 The tabs of the paper towel square i folded and glued to the interior...
 I added some more glue to the interior of the pyramid and then proceeded to attach it to a corner of the box.
 After gluing the first corner, i decided not to completely douse the exterior of the pyramid with glue since the moisture caused the cardboard to curl outwards, meaning i needed to be constantly pushing the sides of the pyramid to the box so that it would stick together...SO, I just left the outside sans glue untill the corner pieces were nicely glued onto the box...

 Somewhere along the way i went in and pressed the edges of the lid and the bottom box with some pliers so that when it came to closing the box it wouldn't be such a tight fit with the addition of the next portion.
 For the lid i took some more of the same paper towels i used earlier and proceeded to fold a piece like the white one you can see above to end up looking like the one i already placed on the lid (shown to the right of the image above).
 The folding of these pieces went something like this. I started by gluing the paper towel to the top of the lid and down the smaller edges.
 I then went on to glue the larger left side and proceeded to glue the corners. The left over piece that you see above, i ended up cutting off to look like the bottom image.
 Fold the left over pieces at the bottom towards the inside of the lid...
 Then cover the paper towel completely with the glue mixture...

 And finally, i ended up with something like the top and bottom images. Very easy if you can handle glue without making a mess...
Next on this project i suppose it would be further add-on details, final paining of the box...and adding the glass i guess.
Random note: I started watching Star Trek: The Original Series. It has proven to be a pleasant show to watch while working with my art projects!