Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baby Dragon 6 Final

Finally I got around to finishing a project! That feeling I get when I do so feels so awesome! So here it is, properly staged:
I present to thee Specimen #57 (should've put in a different number or maybe given it a name...too late for that...)
How about a back story? Voila: 
 From the writings of the traveling mage Jodis Volotenko:
"...the ground quaked furiously. The terrible rumble that emerged from deep in heart of the mountain made my ears throb painfully. I clutched, clawed at the sides of my head to cover my ears in the hopes that it would thwart out the pain but to no avail. I felt blood dripping out of my ears... felt the ground shift, crack open and found myself falling into darkness of the mountain. Down, down i went. Powerless and weak from the pain I blacked out. Upon awakening I found myself in a cave...there at the end of the tunnel the source of light I had been drawn to was not what i expected. Not sunlight but crystals...and amid these crystals, right before me was what i had been seeking. One of the last born dragons. A survivor of the chaos that brought the Dragon Age to its premature end. Stone hard, petrified but alive, nonetheless..."

 Not bad i say, not bad. In the end i very much liked the final product.
 And i specially love the fact that i can open the box and hold my baby dragon!

 This guy, meanwhile, is no hanging from my wall until the awesome day comes when i get to create my mad scientist/mage lab hideout. I will wait anxiously for awesome day! In the meantime i shall keep creating! 
Well, this concludes my Baby Dragon Specimen #57 project! This post just gave me another project idea...Maybe i should start working on the journal of Jodis Volotenko! I'll sleep on that...

Project Updates: Next up more progress on my Cobra/Dragon Hybrid. I've sketched the designs of my next three tomes. I just have to get moving with the sowing, such a fun part...I'm working on a comic book character mask. It's progress I hope to post later. And I will revive a dormant project; the pumpkins i started last Halloween, but never got around to finish...


  1. Stupendous....had me on the edge of my rocky ledge, right to the conclusion....only trouble is , it's not the conclusion, is it ?? You and I both know that...there's never a conclusion, just interruptions in the story-line.

    1. haha thank you! You're right! it's not the end of this one. In some near future i would love to stage a whole room in which to display my projects. I'm thinking something in between a mad scientist lab or dungeon of some kind!