Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sculpture: Cobra/Dragon Hybrid 8

A little overdue but here is the next couple of steps on this project.
 I ended, yet again, adding in another piece to extend the top portion because i ended up breaking off a good couple of inches off of the tail portion. The joining area when i contemplated it was simply not of my liking. Looked far from natural.
 here are a couple of views on how the final assembly is roughly going to end up looking.

 Already went in and added the spikes to the top portion, making sure they followed the spine.

 I still don't really like how the joining part is going to look like, but i'll definitely try and make it looks as best as i can...Don't remember if i explained how i was going to assemble but I will first have detail and paint the tripod/base. The two parts of the hybrid, i will also proceed to finish up and paint in the final colors. Once that is done i will then go in and attach the parts to its stand and proceed to finishing up the joining area. By that i mean i would have to add the spikes and scales as best as i can to have it blend in.
 Next up is painting, which i'm not really sure how i will end up
 I went with using spray cans to add the base colors of black and white...which by the way aren't going to be the final colors.
Then came the white spray paint, left that area exposed and covered the rest using masking tape and newspaper pieces.
next up on this guy, is... i don't even remember...but i do know i'll be posting up the final steps for my baby dragon project soon.

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