Monday, August 13, 2012

Sculpture: AVP

One not so interesting day, yesterday to be exact, i find myself bored and so start watching AVP for what seems to be the 100th time. I get to the part where the Predators are about to enter the pyramid and i find myself thinking how awesome it would be to dress as a predator. Better yet, see someone dressed perfectly as a predator. Now that would be EPIC awesomeness! Definitely will tackle that person. There's just something about them predators. I'm thinking its the hair/dreadlocks they have going on. I pause whatever it is i am doing to stare at those things move around in battle!... anyways....
I get the terrible urge to do a quick sculpture...and here it is!
 I wanted this sculpture to be a quick one, so i went with the simple mask design of the last surviving predator...that in the end gave birth to predalien and set the stage for Requiem!!!
 I realized once i was all done that i missed adding his tri-laser pointer...should've been on the left right next to the "brow"
Those dreadlocks, I believe that was my favorite part of this guy. I remember rolling 'em with a smile on my face! Not bad for a quick sculpture, I say. I just wish i had loads of free time to sculpt and get better with practice.
Random Note: I'm still waiting for a sequel to AVP: Requiem...yeah, even though it didn't get the greatest of acclamations, I am still hoping! Seriously, that ending clip haunts me every time i see anything related to either franchise. What world?? Wage war on the Predators world?? Tie-in to the sequel of the "Predators 2010"?? Or is it the Aliens world? or some other world from some other franchise? what is it? WHAT??!!

..enough rambling...

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