Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sculpture: Cobra/Dragon Hybrid 4

Some time ago, i decided to have this girl wrap around some kind of stand/ tripod, so i finally got it together during the winter break.
 The first tail didn't end up wrapping around the branch like i wanted to i ended up making a new one. Did this by wrapping crumpled newspaper around some wire and taping it until i got what i was looking for.
 Secure the tail in the position i wanted it in and then continued with the paper mache thing; letting it dry on the branch.
By morning i was able to unwind the tail safely. Didn't expect it, but was Awesome.
 So now, i have this round tail thing going on, so it needs some more shape to it. I hot glue some pieces of cardboard to create the rise of the spine.
 Cover it with that awesome paper clay.
 Check that it still fits nicely on the branch, and that it can be removed safely.
 Cut rectangular pieces of some thickish cloth for the bottom scales and dipped these in white glue.
 And just like that, i have my cobra/dragon's tail.
 What comes next is joining the head/upper torso with the tail by adding a third piece. This third piece i'm simply taking from the first discarded tail because i love recycling. After that come the spine detail and scales...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sculpture: Cobra/Dragon Hybrid 3

 Up next, detailing it's handsome head. I started by adding some cardboard and phonebook paper to fill up.
 Got some horns going on. Phonebook paper wrapped around wire and then smoothed out with the paper clay.
 Slapped some of that awesome paper clay.
 Got a nice jaw going on there
Once dry, came the horns.
 And now I have a beautiful cobra/dragon head with a wonderful smile!

Drawing: Greed

I derive inspiration from anything, anywhere so years ago, while watching Full Metal Alchemist the whole 7 deadly sins (envy, gluttony, wrath etc.) thing seemed like a nice theme for a set of drawings. Never really got to draw a depiction of all of the seven sins but i got Greed.
 Done with different values of graphite. Some time late i find myself itching to render something in color.
I'm still in love with his eyes...

Baby Elf 1

So, i come across a bundle of these babies that are constantly being trashed because for some reason people deem them useless. I end up rescuing a couple of these in the hopes that some day i will give them a second chance to exist on this world. This lucky guy gets to be the first one. With that jolly face of his how could he not be first?
 So, i start by using masking tape to keep the limbs in place. I figured it would be some kind of elf sitting on top of one of those hollow logs.
 I start by adding the paper mache. I had to first test how the paper clay reacted to the surface of the baby; this is what you see in the bottom picture, that spot on the head.
 The paper clay did stick on the plastic, so i went ahead and added details at the hands face and feet.
 I figured he would end up wearing an open vest so i gave him a belly and some of those man boobs.
Elf ears were a must. the clay later started to chip off due to the slight movement of the limbs so i had to shower him with glue to keep it all in place.
 Cut up what would become the log to give it some style.
 and slapped some clay all over...

Hanging Ducks

Some while ago i did these ducks for my mom. Ended up being a nice quick side project. So I started with cardboard for the skeleton.
Since i decided for doing three small ducks and their mother, i needed a mold. Covered the small duck skeleton with tape, then placed the paper mache over it. Once dry it was pretty easy to pop it off and make the next duckling.

 Added some fillings with the paper clay along with some details.

 more detail with that awesome paper clay...

 Hot glued bent pieces of wire to the backs, this would be were you actually hang it from...
 finished off with acrylics, and a couple coats of a matte finish...and the family is done!
 I am yet to see them hanging on my mom's wall...

Sculpture: Cobra/Dragon Hybrid 2

 This is the part where the retarded mouth turns into an awesome one! Using the paper clay i added some contour to the roof of the mouth.the inside was then covered with pieces of cloth dipped in white glue to add some wrinkles.
 The tongue was made out of wrapping newspaper around some wire. Then it was given its final shape with the paper clay. Took a picture while the acrylic was still wet...it looked delicious...
 Painted with a base color and then shrouded with diluted black acrylic.
 Teeth were made out of polymer clay (sculpey) and hot glued on the lips.
Now that's a sexy mouth! Small pieces of cloth dipped in white glue were used around the teeth to make the gum.
By the way, i was inspired by the amazing work of an amazing paper mache artist, Dan Reeder.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sculpture: Cobra/Dragon Hybrid 1

A year ago, or so, i started this project. It saddens me to say that it is progressing really slowly but i'm loving it! So this is how it started: I had this paper mache head lying around waiting to become something amazing and that is what it shall be!
 first of all, i love recycling! so i made the skeleton out of strips of cardboard i had collected (cereal boxes, etc.). The strips of cardboard became rings, that when hot glued together created the 'tunneled' body. This was then wrapped with wire to create some support for the wetness of the paper mache.
 After applying the newspaper with flour paste (flour and warm water).
I would've loved to show how i added the cardboard structure of the cobra things, i'll call them 'wings' but for some strange reason those pictures were erased from my camera...
 after it was all tried up, there were some major imperfections such as dents here and there. These were filled up with the handmade paper clay. Here's the Video on how to make the clay!
 These bumps were added with the paper clay to give it some more shape.
 all's well until I get the feeling that the pose i gave it is too stationary and is in dire need of some dynamism. When i did this months ago,  i had to idea what i was going to do about it but that is something that i later figured out and have already solved. more on it later!

Shrunken Heads

This trio of Shrunken Heads were created using paper, glue, paper clay, and string. The heads started out as balls of paper which were then given shape with a handmade paper clay. This same paper clay was used to make the variety of beads used. The string and beads were dyed with diluted acrylics and coffee to get the desired color.
 Ends of the string were frayed to create a worn out look
Tooth picks were also used, not only for decoration, but also to create a hole for the string to be 'sown' in.