Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby Elf 1

So, i come across a bundle of these babies that are constantly being trashed because for some reason people deem them useless. I end up rescuing a couple of these in the hopes that some day i will give them a second chance to exist on this world. This lucky guy gets to be the first one. With that jolly face of his how could he not be first?
 So, i start by using masking tape to keep the limbs in place. I figured it would be some kind of elf sitting on top of one of those hollow logs.
 I start by adding the paper mache. I had to first test how the paper clay reacted to the surface of the baby; this is what you see in the bottom picture, that spot on the head.
 The paper clay did stick on the plastic, so i went ahead and added details at the hands face and feet.
 I figured he would end up wearing an open vest so i gave him a belly and some of those man boobs.
Elf ears were a must. the clay later started to chip off due to the slight movement of the limbs so i had to shower him with glue to keep it all in place.
 Cut up what would become the log to give it some style.
 and slapped some clay all over...

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