Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sculpture: Cobra/Dragon Hybrid 1

A year ago, or so, i started this project. It saddens me to say that it is progressing really slowly but i'm loving it! So this is how it started: I had this paper mache head lying around waiting to become something amazing and that is what it shall be!
 first of all, i love recycling! so i made the skeleton out of strips of cardboard i had collected (cereal boxes, etc.). The strips of cardboard became rings, that when hot glued together created the 'tunneled' body. This was then wrapped with wire to create some support for the wetness of the paper mache.
 After applying the newspaper with flour paste (flour and warm water).
I would've loved to show how i added the cardboard structure of the cobra things, i'll call them 'wings' but for some strange reason those pictures were erased from my camera...
 after it was all tried up, there were some major imperfections such as dents here and there. These were filled up with the handmade paper clay. Here's the Video on how to make the clay!
 These bumps were added with the paper clay to give it some more shape.
 all's well until I get the feeling that the pose i gave it is too stationary and is in dire need of some dynamism. When i did this months ago,  i had to idea what i was going to do about it but that is something that i later figured out and have already solved. more on it later!

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