Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sculpture: Cobra/Dragon Hybrid 4

Some time ago, i decided to have this girl wrap around some kind of stand/ tripod, so i finally got it together during the winter break.
 The first tail didn't end up wrapping around the branch like i wanted to i ended up making a new one. Did this by wrapping crumpled newspaper around some wire and taping it until i got what i was looking for.
 Secure the tail in the position i wanted it in and then continued with the paper mache thing; letting it dry on the branch.
By morning i was able to unwind the tail safely. Didn't expect it, but was Awesome.
 So now, i have this round tail thing going on, so it needs some more shape to it. I hot glue some pieces of cardboard to create the rise of the spine.
 Cover it with that awesome paper clay.
 Check that it still fits nicely on the branch, and that it can be removed safely.
 Cut rectangular pieces of some thickish cloth for the bottom scales and dipped these in white glue.
 And just like that, i have my cobra/dragon's tail.
 What comes next is joining the head/upper torso with the tail by adding a third piece. This third piece i'm simply taking from the first discarded tail because i love recycling. After that come the spine detail and scales...

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