Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BookCraft (TomeCraft) 2

For the book covers i decided to use some illustration board, since i had a pretty large piece laying around and it seemed rigid enough. The front and back cover pieces, i measured to be roughly 5.5"x8.75" and the spine piece to around .5"x8.75"
Based on the way i decided to put the covers together, the front and back pieces would not reach all the way to the spine.
 the slightly bigger sized covers allow for the protection of the pages within from any tear/bending damage...
 To get a good sized spine thickness, i measured the thickness of the pages plus the thickness of the illustration boards...
 That gap in between the spine and covers is pretty much what will make the book open up nicely at the hinge
 To get the actual cover pieces together i went with using a roll of some semi-translucent cloth that i had. I'm not sure what it exactly is, i'm thinking it's for lining the interior of clothes or some cloth accessories...I have no idea, but It ended up working for this project!

 I cut these in strips around 4" wide and around 17" in length...
 I went with spacing the pieces at about 1/4" apart from each other...centered them along the strip of cloth to get them ready for gluing...
 Glued with Tacky glue. I'm pretty sure there's a nicer glue to use for this but i like using what i have on hand...which is why i use my fingers to smear the glue besides the fact that i am a lazy person and don't feel like standing up to get a brush.
glue both sides of the illustration boards that would come in contact with the cloth...
 Below: this would be the interior (were the two flaps overlap). Made sure to groove the edges that were covered by the cloth. To avoid the wetness of the glue from bending/curling the illustration board i simply put a plastic at the top and bottom and placed some books on top.
 Next, to further strengthen the binding of the individual pages i decided to add another piece onto the spine.

With this done, i could finally start working on the design of the book covers which should be the fun part! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

BookCraft (TomeCraft) 1

Since I love trying out new kinds of art related projects, I decided to try making blank books which can be used as sketchbooks. So first, i decided to go for medium sized books. Bought a 500 page packet of 11x8.5 cream colored paper. Did a little bit of math and found out i could do a total of 10 books, with 100 pages each (200 front and back). I proceeded to group 5 pages and fold them together in half. Did that with all of the packet. Then just take 10 of these folded groups to make the 100 pages of each book. In the picture below, what i'm holding is pretty much what will make one book. 
 I bought some cheap black poster paper. to use as the initial cover that would hold the sewn pages together.I  made these covers slightly larger than the 5.5x8.5 pages; about 1/16 to every exterior side and measured the spine to be about 1/2 inch. Folded at the measuring marks.
Made sure the pages fit in nicely and then proceeded to prepare for the sewing by puncturing each of the grouped pages with a needle tool. This tutorial shows you what i did, step by step.
 I'm not sure what thread i used; found it in the knitting section. Below is pretty much what i ended up with after the sewing. First one i did came out a little loose, but by the third book i got the hang of it.

I decided to work with 5 of the books first, to see what works and what doesn't when making the book covers. next step is the actual book cover which i'm planing to make out of illustration board and i suppose i will go about sketching some of the cover designs.