Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sculpture: Cobra/Dragon Hybrid 2

 This is the part where the retarded mouth turns into an awesome one! Using the paper clay i added some contour to the roof of the mouth.the inside was then covered with pieces of cloth dipped in white glue to add some wrinkles.
 The tongue was made out of wrapping newspaper around some wire. Then it was given its final shape with the paper clay. Took a picture while the acrylic was still looked delicious...
 Painted with a base color and then shrouded with diluted black acrylic.
 Teeth were made out of polymer clay (sculpey) and hot glued on the lips.
Now that's a sexy mouth! Small pieces of cloth dipped in white glue were used around the teeth to make the gum.
By the way, i was inspired by the amazing work of an amazing paper mache artist, Dan Reeder.

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