Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Atlantis: Shepherd's Journal 3 (Final)

And here's the last images of this fantastic project!
To get the covers to pivot about the rod more freely I went on to loosen the circular areas a bit more with a scrap piece of the same rod size. Once they were loosened a bit, the rod went thru smoothly and the covers opened up quite nicely! The second rounded end piece was then glued on permanently. 
 At around this time, I cut out the Atlantean symbol for "A" out of a thin basswood piece that was the perfect thickness for it...That was spray painted with the same golden paint as the tacks and rod piece.
 ...glued on the closing hinge piece to the back cover...
 Don't have images of this: After much consideration on how do make the hinge work with the pages I decided on sacrificing the perfect angled page signatures I had made for a functional hinge. Any way I saw it, there would be a larger gap halfway thru the pages to allow the book to be completely opened so I did the following:
Using the same micro suede I cut out two long rectangular pieces that would cover the hinge area. I glued these back to back so the suede would show up on both sides where it would be visible. Next, I had to cut the page signatures I had already done in half. The cut thread areas were dabbed with super glue to avoid the pages from un-stitching...
 The rectangular suede piece was glued in, and then the page pieces on their respective sides...

In the image below you can see the imperfect angled signatures I was trying to avoid, but it doesn't look that bad!
Once the pages were securely attached came giving them a little trimming! they were cut by just placing a metal edged ruler over them and slicing thru half of the pages with an x-acto...
 Went thru and dirtied up the golden areas and attached closing hinge...
 And that's about it!
 There was no time to stage this one since I had to personally deliver this guy the next day so I just did a bit of quick photoshop work on the background!

Overall, this as a pretty fun project to work on and I ended up loving it!
Thank You for viewing and go out there and create something!


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    1. Thank You!! This one was definitely a fun one to build! :)

    2. I wonder if is for sale? I'm from Argentina and I really would like to have one. greetings, tremendous job, you won a fan lol

    3. HI! Nice to hear that! This one was made for a friend so it's not available! I would actually love to make another one of these if you are interested. But i am busy with a new day job and current side projects. I wouldn't be able to start until January? to get it done in hopefully a month?
      Let keep in contact thru either facebook or etsy if you'd want one later and i'll keep you in mind!

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  3. Hi Janet, I messaged you on Facebook. Please check your "message request" folder, I'd love to get in contact with you! :)