Monday, August 20, 2012

Baby Dragon 5

I'll be honest, I got a little lazy with this project. The box was simply not convincing me. It didn't feel like i would like the outcome much, so i left it alone for a couple of days until i finally got around to get some more paint on it.
 Out of some air drying clay i had laying around i made the whitish/grayish pieces you see in the images above and below. Once dry, i glued them on with some tacky glue.
 I proceeded to paint added paper towel areas and clay pieces with black acrylic. To the brown portions of the box i went on to paint with different tones of brown, black, and a mustardish tone. With these different colors i went in and painted different colored vertical streaks to resemble a wood grain. Didn't come out looking that bad...
 Afterwards i went on to put the piece of glass in place. I proceeded to glue the glass in place with some industrial strength glue.  (not sure if the glue was going to be helpful at all but i still put some in)
 I had some Gaffer Tape which is some kind of heavy duty cloth tape i had come to need for a class, so no, i did not buy it specially for this project. Most of the stuff i use i already have laying around in my room...
 I'm hoping the gaffer tape will do a good job on permanently holding the glass in place. I put two strips on ether side of the glass as you can see in the background of the above picture.
 Next, i went on to paint the clay pieces a metallic color and cleaned up any painting spots. Afterwards came the blackwashing which made my box look much better, specially the 'wood'.
 Out of cardboard i cut a rectangle slightly larger than the tag i had previously made for my baby dragon specimen. This piece i painted with a metallic tone and then blackwashed it.
 I glued the tag on to the cardboard piece and went ahead to bend the tag a little, some scratches here and there. In the end i decided to simply punch a hole thru the lid of the box, pull an aged string thru it and have the specimen tag hanging onto the side of the box.
 So, one of my rules that i try my best to stick to is not to buy anything new for my projects unless it is REALLY needed. When i decided to do a specimen box instead of a jar i though i would have to go out and buy some filling for my baby to rest on but i was wrong! Lucky me! I dug thru my closet and found some dehydrated moss!! I'm not sure if its such a good idea, but i'll use it!
And now, this concludes the process of my baby dragon! It's finally time to stage this project! Now that is something fun to do...So, up next on this guy is the final assembly and staged images of Dragon Specimen # 57.

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