Thursday, August 2, 2012

No Longer Thing in a Jar: Baby Dragon 3

Change of plans! This guy will no longer be sealed in a jar for eternity! Two reasons: I couldn't bear the thought of never again being able to hold it in my hands and I don't dare chance my baby in the water with only a couple of latex coats...Time frame in which it would remain intact in its latex layer requires some experimentation which i am lazy to explore at the time! So for this guy i have decided to give it a specimen box that i can open any time i please!
 For the specimen box i went with using some scraps of foam core i had. Measured the space my dragon needed and simply went for it.
 I decided this box would have the option to be either placed on a surface or to be hanged on the wall. First i made a rectangular cutout on the rear of the box and then cut out a slightly larger rectangular piece to which i attached a bent wire piece as seen above.
 This way, the wire would be recessed and thus not interfere should I desire to have the specimen box flat on a surface...
 Next up came the lid. Above you see the initial lid layout that would incorporate the specimen tag I had already created (Refer to earlier post).
 Lucky me happened to have a piece of glass that would be perfect for this box so i went with the glass' dimensions when creating the box.
 Made the box to be one of those in which the bottom part fits snugly into the lid...
 Since i was using foam core i had some exposed foam to take care of. This i did by making a rough cover for these edges out of some sketch paper i use for some of my design classes.
 Above you can see it being glued and how it fits right on to cover the inner edges of the lid as well as other bottom edges...

 Bottom box section also needed some foam care...
 In this case, wrinkles created in the gluing process don't really matter since i'll paint the box to look like wood. Imperfections/dents on wood are perfectly natural!
In the end I didn't like the specimen label on the lid...It simply took a great deal of space so i'm contemplating on having the label be somewhere inside or hanging somewhere outside the box and be more like a dangling tag...
Next on this guy is the design of the box (which is simple) and it's base colors .
Any questions or comments, I welcome them!

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