Friday, November 2, 2012

First Mask: Thanos 2

So, here are the final couple of steps to finishing this guy. It's pretty much just the painting part...Painted this guy with acrylics...wasted a good deal of paint trying to mix the right skin tone, but finally got it! 
 Added that as a base color...
 And then my favorite part! Made the lips a slightly darker skin tone.
 I showed the polymer teeth in the previous post but here they are again. Added the blackwash ( black acryilic + water), dirtied the teeth up a bit as seen in the images below...
 Hot glued those guys onto the back of the mask, making sure i left some breathing gaps (Don't want my friend to suffocate right?). And finally blackwashed the whole mask. Really made those beautiful wrinkles pop up!
 Reference image below. I did try to paint the slight change of skin tone he has going on in the image on the cheeks, nose, and forehead, but it looked to out of place when i painted it on the mask, so i just went with a solid base color...
edit: credit for the Thanos Head design goes to Rodrigue Prailer

And this guy is done and shipped! I have yet to see the full Thanos ensemble but i shall wait anxiously for that moment to come...and hopefully i don't end up waiting long...In the mean time i'll work on perfecting my sculpting!

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