Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cell: Larval Form 1

Its been a pretty long time since my last post which means i've been having oh so much fun working on my design projects!...I miss working on my own projects...So i actually managed to find some free time to squeeze in a little sculpting time! This new project is one that i've been dying to get started and has been rolling around my head for over a year already. As an avid Dragon Ball fan i have a couple of projects that would pop into my head whilst watching...2 of 'em i'm definitely making! Seeing as DBZ's Cell is my absolute favorite villain how could i resist him? My upcoming project thus shall be Cell in its Fetal Form!
These two images are as his larval form appears in the Cell Saga episodes. 
Below is Cell as he is about to awaken...
Below is Imperfect Cell in its first form. 
 Using the first two images I began sculpting Larval Cell and added further details by using the other two images of the advanced cell larva and of cells imperfect form as reference...After 4 exciting hours of sculpting on modeling clay this is the prototype that came out!
 I'm still thinking on the actual size i should make him but i think this is around the sized i'd like him to be.
 Maybe he's a little too fat? ...nah i'll let him be cute and chubby! Nothing like sculpting a prototype to get me warmed up on starting another project!
I'm hoping can get this guy going as soon as i can because i'm really excited for this one! Will more likely sculpt this guy with polymer clay with some sort of filler armature... But first thing to do would be to find the perfect jar for it! As seen in the series Larval Cell is held in some sort of incubation unit which i would also love to do! I'm thinking just a few design differences but i'll try and stick to this original:
Definitely going to end up sealing him in water...maybe adding in some LED's to make the water glow, have it be my night lamp...fancy little blinking lights...some sort of water pump so that i can get a bit of bubbling going on in there! Aye, aye I'm excited for this one! Don't know when i'll get to start it...let alone finish it...BUT there you go, the prologue of my upcoming project!

And because i simply couldn't resist not adding him in, here's Perfect Cell!!!!!!

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