Thursday, May 16, 2013

How-To Make A Pirate Map 2 Final

And here goes the finale of this small project! Once the map was removed from the glass I went ahead and added some more details...A couple tears here and there to begin with...some wrinkling...
 Then using a felt tip black pen i went in and proceeded to add some grid lines and some others that were referenced about the center of the compass rose. Labels for a couple of regions were written in along with some other little details...This time around i didn't have the time to come up with epic labels for the different regions and towns but i sure will when i embark on a large scale pirate map project! aye, it shall be awesome!
 Afterwards i went on to burn the map in a couple of areas such as the corner you see in the image below. Couldn't really get the fire to leave a black ash residue on the edge of the burned areas which is what i would've loved...
Some more wrinkles...In this case i gave the whole map a couple of vertical and horizontal folds...a bit of tearing at the fold's creases...and some bloody stains using a slightly diluted crimson acrylic...
Once done, i got a couple of goodies together and staged this guy! Et Vide!

 Not that bad for a quick one! 
 As you see aging paper is not that difficult of a task! now go onward and feel free to create your very own map or maybe some fancy decorative scrolls! And thank you for reading!


  1. nice work. I like your additions after the initial staining - the grid lines, extending the compass rose, etc., etc. I also like the cord used for tying. The whole thing's quite well done. I've aged paper before & you've given me some new ideas. Nice post.

    1. Thank you Rick! This one was a fun little project to make and I can't wait to get other maps going. The cord was originally simple cotton string that I dyed for a previous project and since then I've been using it for various other projects!
      Would love to see what you come up with and good luck with your projects!