Monday, June 24, 2013

Sculpture: Cobra/Dragon Hybrid 12

So the long long long awaited part of this project finally came! Finishing up the head and adding the blackwash all over! I went on to paint over the joint compound that i had added to the eye areas that you can see in this previous blog :
Cobra/Dragon 11
 I went on to paint the eyelids and nostrils darker and then topping it off with smudging some more gold metallic acrylic on a couple of areas as you can see in the image above...
 Somewhere in between these steps i remade the two front teeth that had fallen off and gone missing sometime ago...couldn't really match the right color but its around there!
 Below is the head and neck portion prior to black wash and........
 below is Post blackwash! mmmmm looking lovely!

 Below is the tail portion of this guy before applying the black wash and......
 Here is post blackwash!
Loving how the blackwash dirtied up the spikes and horns pretty well! 
And a final touch up on the head was adding some Liquitex glossy gel medium to the gums, teeth, tongue, and interior of the jaws to appear as sparkling saliva! Oh and added some gel to the eyeball as well!
And NOW its ready to be assembled onto its stand! how? I still know not, just a couple of ideas but nothing concrete...Gotta figure out a name too!

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