Friday, August 7, 2015

DBZ Saiyan Armor - Painting Update

A couple of months ago I finally got around to finish painting the pair of armors! I was in a rush to finish the two armors for the release of Battle of Gods last year that I left out detail painting...Had to be done before the release of Resurrection F so there was plenty of time for that this time!
Detail painting consisted of using black and brown acrylics to darken the grooves all over. In the image below you can see the difference this makes. Left side reads much nicer with the detail painting than the right side...
 Detail painting was done to both armors...seems I didn't get any images for the chest and back pieces...

And now it's much nicer! Sadly, I don't know if I either lost weight or my chest and back plate opened up a bit but those two pieces are now a tad big and make me look fat...which means I should draft out a plan to get some replicas going!

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