Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bioshock Subject Delta Part 5 Final

It's been quite a couple of months since my last post. My motivation to work on any of my side projects was lost for a while there and had a hard time finding it...Just found it or rather found the need to get busy so I'm picking up my neglected projects now! And finally i'm getting around to posting final images of this guy! See previous posts for previous progress images.
 Last finishing touches for this guy was sanding off the spray paint from the  fasteners to reveal their original brass.
 More silver metallic highlights here and there...I believe the wingnuts are new in this post? Dirtied those up first with some black acrylic and metal paint and then screwed all around the rim.
 Bit more of sanding here and there...

Mounted tanks and vials...all removable...

 Added that hanging thingy...and called it done!

Would've loved to get more work in for this guy but alas, that was not possible. Fun project though!

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