Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby Elf 3 - Final

I'm finally done with this guy! He came out to be a freakishly adorable woodland baby elf that's somewhat of a tribal cannibal...
Gave him base color coats with acrylics. I was a little dubious about using green...didn't want him looking like peter pan but in the end it worked well. I also gave him some rosy cheeks, palms and eyelids before applying the black wash.
 I was actually a bit worried that all the bumps and imperfections of his skin might end up making him look absolutely fugly once the i added the blackwash so i used a fine grit sandpaper to get rid of some.
 Above is the log pre black wash...and below is the finished product in his natural habitat.
 Black wash can either mess it all up and makes you repaint or it can give the project the awesomeness it needs so I was so glad that the blackwash didn't f it all up. Previously i had done some extra bead and dyed string when i did my shrunken heads so i dug that up and made this guy a necklace. The beads were made out of my homemade paper clay and then dyed with diluted acrylics and coffee; same with the string.
 Somehow i ended up giving him some tribalish face paint, eyeliner, and small little earrings. Ended up being such a cute little guy!
This is Vipin. He is an adorable baby elf that dwells in the forest. He may look cute and all but he is quite the deceiver since he loves to feast on human fingers and nibble on peoples ears. 
yep, imma proud mommy!

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