Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wanted Posters: One Piece

I started this project some time ago...After seeing a couple of tutorials on how to age paper, i simply had to try it; so i decided to make wanted posters for the Straw Hat Crew along with Ace. So in order to do this i needed to print wanted posters that had a white background; however i couldn't find any online, so i made my posters on photoshop. Did my best to replicate it, in terms of fonts, layout, images, etc. Printed with laser in 8.5 x 11
 First I worked on a couple of test pieces. Used a combination of tea (tea bags), coffee, and diluted acrylics for my dye.
 A piece of glass works perfectly to keep the paper from curling. (I simply got a frame from a dollar store) Next, with a piece of cloth (or sponge) I doused the poster with the dye i created. I let it set for a couple of minutes and then gave it a couple of droplets over in order to create slight variations in color.
 After the dye has been mostly absorbed, meaning its still damp, i took a piece of wire and proceeded to tear the edges.
 Since this is Fire Fist Ace I went with giving his poster a little fire. People that know the One Piece series would know that the bounty for Ace is unknown, so i strategically burned that part off and i simply say that this wanted poster was one found in the Marine Headquarters, and that it was burned by the flames of Ace himself during the tragic War of the Best.
 So far i have these other four done and the rest of the crew is still sitting around..somewhere...hopefully i will get to them sometime soon!

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