Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sculpture: Cobra/Dragon Hybrid 7

Next on this guy, or gal, was to add to the upper/head/torso portion. I figured it would make the final assembly much easier. Explanation on the final assembly decision i'm taking, I will explain in an upcoming post.

 So, to add this extension i proceeded to make attach the head to the stand in the preferred position by using wire, masking tape, and some bed sheet (light blue portion you can see in the image above). I went on to cutting strips of cereal box cardboard, hot gluing the ends together to make rings and then hot gluing them in place. Note: these cardboard circles, in order to make the extension flow into the tail portion that it would later be attached to, i progressively made them smaller in size...hmm..is that clear?
 Leaving the torso portion still attached to the tripod base, i went in to add the paper mache over the cardboard circles and let it dry completely.
 Once dry, i went ahead and used more cereal box cardboard to better form the body and to pop out the spine. The direction of the spine, i calculated by testing out the two pieces on the tripod base and marking where the spine ought to be...
 Hmm, i actually have no picture of the next step, but it's simple! I then covered the cardboard frame buy gluing newspaper pieces on top. why didn't i use paper mache? i'm not even sure...Now, once that got dry i followed up by filling in any ugly dents with the same paper clay i have previously mentioned in other posts...
 Next steps followed just like i have explained my previous posts. I added the green cloth, dipped it in white glue, then arranged it in the desired position. Added some more of the cylindrical clay pieces i used for the tail portion to the sides of the belly. Then covered these small pieces with paper towel pieces with glue...same fun stuff...
 Now, here's something new! I was actually excited to start this part! Wasn't so sure if it would actually end up looking awesome but not bad, i say. For the scales i used an old bed sheet. From it, i cut out squares, roughly an inch more or less that i then dipped in white glue. I then folded two adjacent corners inwards to make the triangular shapes you can see in the pictures above and below.
After hours and hours of cutting, dipping, folding, placing, i finally got around to finishing the tail portion! THAT was one happy day! Note: as i was adding the spike wrapping and the scales, i would be adding glue with my fingers to the spikes themselves in the hopes that the various coats of glue would help strengthen them. Next on this guy, you'll get to see how it would look on its tripod base!

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