Sunday, July 22, 2012


So, for you people out there interested in what i post in here, here's whats up: Summer Vacations. Decided to spend a couple of weeks over at my mom's house back in my little ole' hometown, which means, i get to work on my Cobra/Dragon Hybrid! I've actually done a great deal of work on it...and by that i mean hours and hours of sitting down listening to movies...sometimes singing along with 'em! Haven't had the time to post anything new and that is not because i was having loads of exciting things going on, it's simply because i've been on lazy mode...Up next i'll post up the finalized images of Tomes 3 and 4, followed by a couple of posts on the progress i did during these last two months on my Cobra/Dragon.


  1. I thankyou for allowing me into your studio(a sacred place for us all!!) and I think you deserve some 'lazy-time'.....Enjoy, we creative types get so little of it...we're always creating, even if it is only in our heads sometimes! Ho! Ho!
    I have to say you are a very clever person, thanks for the inspiration.

    1. hi!
      you're welcome! and Thank you! I agree, creative people that really love what they do get so little time to be lazy. How else would we be able to physically keep up with our imagination? My art project to do list just keeps getting longer!