Sunday, October 6, 2013

Costume: Predator 1 (Helmet & Armor)

I'm doing a female Predator costume!! Well I have been working on it for about a month already, just hadn't blogged on it! So hopefully it gets done by Halloween! This project started out as just me wanting to give pepakura as a means of propmaking a try so about a month ago i decided to finally get one started! I definitely don't have the time to learn the program so I went around digging for files until I finally decided on the Predator Bio Helmet. Simple one to test the technique out right? Well I somehow ended up deciding on making the whole body armor...I simply couldn't just leave it at the helmet only!

And so, It all began with the helmet: 
 Printed on just regular copy paper and then proceeded to carefully cut the pieces and glue them together using the pepakura file as a guide. Once done with that I went on to add a support to the inside of the helmet with pieces of cardboard as seen below.
 I then proceeded to add two coats of fiberglass resin...first time using the resin but no big deal there!
 Next with the helmet would be adding lightweight body(car) filler to smooth it all out...
 As for the armor, I did an extensive research and finally agreed on the design of my armor by mixing and matching stuff i found here and there...Once I drew the shapes I went on to cut them out on cardboard that I then glued to sheets of craft foam as seen below...
 After the sheets dried completely i went in to cut them out with and xacto knife. Drew on the foam a bit more of the design you see below and then burned it out using a wood burner. Also went ahead and added some weathering and scratches...Below are the thigh pieces:
 These will be framed by two more pieces at their sides:
 Below: Hip pieces that would overlap with the thigh ones.
 Below: pieces for the cod/groin piece

 The piece below was cut out of foamcore that was then wrapped with tissue paper to seal its edges...
 Piece below: Main shape was also cut out of foamcore
 To give it more thickness it was wrapped around with a piece of cardboard as seen below...

 Below: Shoulder Bell pieces

These were the first steps and as you can see i'm working on everything at the same time! Fun stuff, fun stuff! Questions or comments, feel free to ask! I'll post a bit more tomorrow, hopefully...

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