Sunday, December 15, 2013

Draconian Journals 1

So, a couple more coptic stitched journals in the making! This batch will consist of 6 small journals. Half will have overlapping scales that wrap around the covers and the other half will have the 'reptilian' scales with claws at the corners. All of these were done with black illustration board scrap pieces i had. Here's the quick progress for the first 3!
 Started these boys by cutting out the scales out of strips of cardboard (cereal boxes, etc...) and glued them as you see above.
 Folded the scale strips to wrap around the covers...Then proceeded to cut the pieces you see already glued on below.
 I had some silicone DAP caulk thing i had lying around so i went ahead and used it to fill in the small gaps that were at the tops and bottoms of the covers. (you can use any kind of filler you might have lying around)
 Next these guys got a coat of gesso to get them ready for the paint!
 With the next three guys i started by cutting our the scales out of different cardboard/paper weights (three weights in this case). The darker scales are the thickest and the white ones are the thinnest.
next for these ones would be adding their corner claws and finishing texture over the scales...


  1. Cool! I love your step-by-step project postings. I learn so much from them.

    1. thank you! glad to hear that! i try to do my best in keeping record of my progress although sometimes it is a bit tedious to rummage thru all the images...