Friday, February 7, 2014

Draconian Journals 3 final

So, finally got around to getting the other trio of draconian journals done and posted up! Following the reptilian scales came work on the corners. Made the claw pieces out of polymer clay and then attached and filled the surrounding areas with hot glue.
Dipped pieces of cloth into a mix of slightly diluted white glue and wrapped the claw pieces with it...
Glued on paper napkins to the covers using diluted white glue...let that dry
proceeded to glue on the spine cardboard pieces on 2 of the sets
gesso'd it all over...
Painted the covers with acrylic, glued on the interior cover linings, and then blackwash!
Sowed these three, just as the previous ones, with a coptic stitch and just like that they were ready for staging! 

 These three were given a faux leather bookmark tied with stained string....

And finally that is the end of the draconian journals project! These three should be up on etsy soon! 

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