Saturday, August 30, 2014

Belt Buckles: Deadpool & DBZ Majin Buu 2

Once the polymer pieces were ready, they were painted using acrylics. For Buu's belt piece the M was first painted black and then the golden acrylic came next...
 back was painted black...
 The rest of the Deadpool buckle piece was painted red and then the black vinyl was covered using thick paper so that the clear glossy finish wouldn't get onto it...
 back painted black...
 Once the clear glossy finish was dry the paper pieces were removed and the white semi circular pieces that serve as the eyes were glued in. These were spray painted first with a glossy white paint...
 Buu's buckle piece was also sprayed with a clear glossy finish...

 The blank metal belt buckle pieces were ordered online and then glued using industrial strength glue...Small screws were later added in to give it more strength...
 A quick pouch was made to hold these pieces... This was made of some kind of soft felt and was super glued at the edges to form the pocket...bubble gum pink for majin buu's...

 And for deadpool's I went with a gray pouch...

 Metal buckle piece was added in the same fashion...

And just like that these guys were done!


  1. Could I buy that majin buu belt buckle?

  2. Could I buy that majin buu belt buckle?

    1. Hi Gard! This one is not for sale. I was about to order blank belt buckle pieces for a new belt buckle i have in mind. If you are interested in having a majin buu belt made, now would actually be a perfect time to place an order! Let me know if you are interested and we can talk more about it!
      Thanks for your interest!

    2. I would like one if thst is ok. I love your product. It looks amazing.

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  4. Is it possible for me to request a majin buu buckle as well?

  5. I would like to purchase one of your majin buu belt buckles. What is the best way i could do this?
    Pls contact me via email.

  6. I would love a Majin Buu Belt buckle if you're still making them. If you are able to sell me one please emails me at:

    jazz. briggs @live. com (no spaces)

  7. I would like to buy the Majin buu belt buckle