Monday, August 25, 2014

Faux Leather Journals: Strap Series Final

and with a couple of background props put together i got the final images going!
 This style features a double strap with two small metal buckles.... Size: 4.75" L X 5.24" H
 Two journals were made in this style...

 All dark brown straps completely wrap around the journals.

 For this series i decided to make a smaller Janet J. Res stamp since the overall size of these journals was relatively small already. Made in the same manner as my first stamp: Making a Polymer Stamp
 Next twin journals feature a single strap along the middle...Size: 3.37" L X 4.5"H

 Stamps are found on the last page...
 Next of the twins features a single strap with fastening string and also contains more pages that the rest...
 Size: 5" L X 4.5" H
 Tied at the ends of the string are beads of bronze and copper for the other one...

 The following is a single journal that features the strap with brass colored rivets...Size: 4.75" L X 5.25" H

 The long stitch applied to the flexible faux leather allows for the journal to open flat onto any page...

 The following is the same as the previous journal, except without the brass rivets.  Same size aswell.

 And finally! i did have some leftover small strips of paper after i finished cutting down the paper so i went on to do a small wee little journal. Size: 2.62" L X 2.75" H

And that concludes this quick faux leather journal project!
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