Friday, July 19, 2013

Quick Stamp

So i decided to mark the project i have already finished with a stamp, that would consistently appear on my projects and this is what i came up with:
 I went with making a ball out of sculpey original and then pressing down on it with a hardcover book to make it consistently flat...
 Then i proceeded to back the clay disk in the oven as per the instructions and penciled in the logo...
 For carving out the negative space i simply used an x-acto blade and a needle tool. I wanted the stamp to end up looking a bit used so i went on to carve a little pieces off here and there.
 Using a brush i proceeded to add black acrylic to the stamp. Wrote in the projects birth date and my name plus the word 'res' which is the nominative plural of the latin word Res, Rei which stands for things, objects, matter.Might as well use the latin i learned for something!
So this guy will first make its appearance in the four travelers journals and hopefully all following projects...
Thank You for reading!

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