Friday, October 3, 2014

DBZ Saiyan Armor 5 - Final

slowly but surely i'm posting this stuff up! here's the next and last batch!
 For the boots, i bought some cheap black pointy boots and went on to paint them with the same white satin and caramel honey spray paint as the armor pieces. Then did the fun weathering...

I bought some white gloves and had my dear mother's help to get the additions going while i finished up with the rest! Many thanks to all awesome mothers! The cloth used for the additions was the same one as the one used for the capes and in order to add a bit of stiffness to the cloth, the wrist pieces were lined with white felt....
 Dirtied them up and...Perfect!
 Teared up and dirtied my blouse and pants...

 My friend graced me with a lovely gift to add to my cosplay!
 It even goes BEEP BEEP!
And BOOM! first day my friend couldn't make it so i decided to go with just the shoulder strap armor! below is my dear mother! no way she'd miss coming along! 
 A couple of dragon ball fans came up to take pictures...

The one below is probably my favorite fan of that day with her "HEY BUU" shirt! 
and then came the second day with my friend and I with the shoulder pad pieces, cape, and scouters included! 
 And we felt awesome!
And we met some more dragon ball fans! 

Pretty fun for our first time cosplaying! mmhhmm ought to start planning to get a saiyan army together someday! 


  1. I just found your site via pinterest, and OMG! Your Saiyan armor is great, and so it your other work. Really beautiful work!

  2. Yeah cape and the extra effort you put into the boots and gloves really make this outfit. Good job!