Friday, May 11, 2012

BookCraft (TomeCraft) 3

So the first book that i started with, i designed to have a draconian theme to it. First thing i did was glue the block of pages to the illustration board cover and letting it dry overnight. 
 With this design i went for adding overlapping scales that mimic the ones that dragons have at their belly/chest areas and i went for a more reptilian skin. For the scales below i used pieces of cloth dipped in diluted white glue and wrapped them around the edges of the front and back covers.
 For the reptilian like skin i wanted to avoid having to cover the book completely so i decided to make the scale bums fade away so i used cardboard of different thicknesses to do this.
 The thickest cardboard is the large brown pieces, then added the grayish pieces which were slightly thinner and finally i used some white bristol paper for the thinnest.
 I had some air drying clay laying around so i made these cylindrical pieces that i then hot glued along the side scales.
 I also added some of the same pieces to the spine of the book...
 Next, i took a paper towel and cut it to the size i wanted for the book cover. Luckily i only needed on single piece.
On the side, i diluted white glue with water and added a hint of black acrylic to darken the mixture. I then went on and brushed the mixture over the paper towel. Below you see the still, wet mixture and how dark i made it...before doing this i slipped pieces of plastic behind the covers so the inner pages wouldn't be affected.
 Below is the book once it got completely dry and the book does open nicely! These are not the final colors by the way. With this guy i think i will go with a dark navy skin with a blueish/brownish mix for the side scales.
Up next will be the progress of the second book, which will also have a draconian theme...

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