Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BookCraft (TomeCraft) 6

I've been working on the next two books since last week. Once again they will be draconian themed, so here is the third book. I had some teeth made out of polymer clay left over from the bunch that i baked for my hybrid cobra/dragon so i decided to use them for this book. I started b cutting the corners of the cover pieces, front and back ones. In this case i also went with adding a piece of chip board to the front and back covers. This would get rid of the line problem i had with the first book where you could notice the seam where the black cloth met the illustration boards. Plus, a little more thickness doesn't hurt!
 So, same thing as the previous book. Scales cut out of different cardboard thicknesses to give it a faded look. Decided to carve out a dragon like design at the center, so i left that area sans scales.
 Hot glued the teeth to the corners, front and back covers.
 Using some discarded cloth, i cut a couple of strips and dipped them into diluted white glue. Then wrapped the pieces around the individual teeth, giving it some extra wrinkles along the way.

 Added the paper towel on top. Once again used diluted glue, dyed with acrylics and brushed it on. It's better to start brushing from the center so as to avoid and overwhelming amount of wrinkles. I'm still trying to get the hang of it...got a little too many wrinkles on this one...
 I was halfway gluing the first paper towel when i realized i forgot to glue the spine first. The spine was pretty much the same as the one from book one. Cylinder like clay pieces, hot glued onto the book spine.
 And finally, i carved out the same dragon-ish emblem from book two onto this guy.
This guy, although i think it looks awesome in that dark gray color, is gonna be a purple leaning more towards the red spectrum...

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