Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thing in a Jar: Baby Dragon 1

So, i'm pretty good at starting new projects, hence here is another project i have been working on! I started this guy some months ago and has just been sitting around for long periods of time, getting very little progress, but i finally got it far enough so as to actually show something. This guy started with a single wire for a skeleton to which i then taped/wrapped crumpled newspaper and then wrapped in masking tape. Then i covered it completely with that awesome paper clay i make.
 Bottom picture shows this baby completely covered with the clay and with this same clay i made its eyeballs and thighs...
 Next i added overlapping scales to its belly. This was simply pieces of cloth dipped in white glue. I also added the spine with small triangular pieces of cardboard.
 So, the legs came first. Just hot glued the pieces together.
 The arms and feet, i made with this air-drying clay i had bought previously. To the head i added some eyelids, nostrils, lips. These were done with pieces of paper towels which i then brushed on with diluted white glue.
 Using the same paper towels and diluted glue i covered its spine, tail, limbs, pretty much ended up covering the baby completely.
 Nice thing about using paper towels is that they gave my baby some embellishing wrinkles! And now, this dragon is ready to be painted and then covered with liquid latex to water proof it.
 So this guy is gonna end up sitting inside an awesome grunge looking jar, awesome label and everything! I'm loving this guy so much that i don't really wanna seal it in a jar forever without being able to hold it!

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