Friday, May 18, 2012

BookCraft (TomeCraft) 5 Final

So, these are the final steps of my first two books! Eventually I got around to painting these guys. I gave this guy at the bottom  some olive green scales with yellow highlights. When it came to painting the "metal" gray portion, the tissue paper on the surface wrinkled a little so i gave it a good amount of coats to try and get rid of them. I'll definitely reconsider what i use for this part upcoming books.
 This guy below, I went with navy blue with a hint of green and a light blue/brownish color for the edges.
 Next up, came the part that can either mess it all up or make the object awesome, the black wash! The way i do the black wash is i fill about three small containers with water and add different amounts of black acrylic to each. Light, medium, and dark. On this guy below i added a bit of brown the the wash when it came to working with the light edges and initially i black washed the dark portion but there really was no difference...
 This guy after the black wash. It really brought the book to life...
 And finally, I dug out some stuff and made a couple of props to give them a proper stage. I'm not that good at making back stories for artifacts but I'll give it a try:
Long ago there was an age in which dragons roamed the heavens. Freely and majestically they soared until the race of men turned upon them for aid when fierce wars among men erupted. However, the hearts of men had grown corrupted by greed and their thirst for blood had driven them mad. When the dragons refused, men enslaved them, tortured them, and killed those who opposed them. Their numbers dwindled until, on the eve of a major battle the dragons vanished. They became ashes that engulfed the heavens with darkness and then dissipated. Legend tells that the dragons did not die, but instead, that they mustered their power to scatter their souls across the land. They fused with natural elements such as rocks, lakes, and even objects so that their spirit would live on, with the hope that one day peace would reign the land and they can, once again, be free...
Yeah, whatever...Here's the first one! 

I present to you, ANKAR.
 nothing much too say, aside from the awesome specimen-ish bottle i pulled off in ten minutes...along with my other props...
 And now the second book.

I present to you, FREY.

I believe i didn't mention this before but somewhere along the way I gave the edge of the pages a bit of a worn out look. I sprayed the sides with water and then added drops of combinations of diluted acrylics with coffee to give it a little of an aged look instead of crisp cut edges. So, that's it for Ankar and Frey. Now, I'll get busy sketching different designs for the other 8 books and getting some started!


  1. This is insane! I've made a couple of books, binding in the Italian manner as seen in this tutorial:

    But when I saw you with hundreds of tiny scales I thought, OK. No Way. You've got some nice follow through skills that many lack, and your tomes are very impressive. I totally admire your work, and this is a great blog. thanks very much!

  2. Hello again!
    That tutorial gave me a couple of ideas just when I was running out of them. I think i might go ahead and give that binding style a try!
    Since these two tomes were the first, they were the testing ones. I definitely learned found a simple alternative to cutting and gluing each of those scales individually! Thank you for reading!