Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BookCraft (TomeCraft) 4

So, this is the second book i started working on. For this guy, i decided to go with traditional dragon scales.
 I went along and cut and glued each scale individually ...which proved to be a pretty time consuming process...but it came out well.
 Made the its frames out of chipboard...ignore the punched out corners, they ended up not serving their purpose...
 Once i had the borders, i went on to cut the scales that prevented them to set down flat against the illustration board.
 And added a cover for the spine. This was the same thing i used for the first book. A piece of paper towel that i then glued on with a combination of diluted glue and acrylics. By the way, With this book, unlike the first on, i didn't glue the block of pages to the cover. I did this to experiment which one would be easier to manage while making the cover and it turned out that attaching the block of pages for me, was easier to handle. Below, during this step, the block of pages was still not attached.
 Since i wanted the borders to be thicker i made a total of four and then glued them in pairs. However, this left me with the two edges of the frames to be seen, so i decided to cover them with tissue paper.
 Below, is the already glued frame. The edges of the tissue paper would then wrap around the illustration board...

 At this time i attached the pages. I then felt like the front cover needed something, so i went in and carved a small dragon-like logo, symbol, whatever...
 I made some kind of bolts/nails the same air drying clay i had used before and glued them on...i'm hoping these won't fall off with use...
Next on this guy, is painting it. Olive green shall be his color!

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